Four Poems by Wendy Videlock

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Four Poems by Wendy Videlock



Dear Writers, I’m compiling the first in what I hope is a series of publications
I’m calling artists among artists. The theme for issue 1 is “Faggot Dinosaur.”
I hope to hear from you! Thank you and best wishes.  
 —Ali, editor, Artists among Artists


I think that I shall never fear
a brontosaurus that is queer,

iguanodon as fetisheer,
a mammoth bringing up the rear,
an astrodon with extra gear,

metrosexual squirrel and deer,
a breeder with a dance career,
a fruit with cauliflower ear,

a lesbianic Chanticleer,
a grinning limpish-wristed Lear,
the weird one or the mutineer,

but those who perfectly adhere,
stay clear, stay clear, stay clear, stay clear.

(first appeared in Poetry)


Sometimes Spring

I’m sometimes spring
and sometimes wintress,
sometimes bawdy,

sometimes impish,
sometimes skinny,
sometimes blimpish,

sometimes yawned
and sometimes ravaged,
sometimes color,

sometimes language,
sometimes zen,
sometimes famished.


(first appeared in Quadrant)





Change is the new,


word for god,

lovely enough
to raise a song

or implicate

a sea of wrongs,
mighty enough,

like other gods,

to shelter,
bring together,

and estrange us.

Please, god,
we seem to say,

change us.

(first appeared in Poetry)



Dear Friends,

Here lie the dreams we put to rest.
And there, the things we meant to say.
Further on, those bits of faith.

Mindless things, they bore no pain,
and easily went to their graves.
It’s we who are not quite the same.


(first appeared in Hudson Review)



Wendy Videlock is the author of the chapbookWhat’s That Supposed to Mean (2010) and the full-length collections The Dark Gnu and Other Poems (2013) and Nevertheless (2011). She has recently published poems in Poetry, The Hudson Review, Quadrant, RATTLE and New Criterion.





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