Three Poems by Paul Hanson Clark

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Three Poems by Paul Hanson Clark


<— i feel that pretty hard

hey recently i tweeted that i should start asking people questions on tumblr & russ tweeted back “yes”
today i’ve been listening to lauryn hill unplugged which is a weird album
my mom started following my online movements & is i guess too shy to talk to me abt it but occasionally alludes
in an inteview the poet ariana reines said that jodorowsky, “prescribes morning poetry writing to every living human as a kind of universal nerve tonic”
i read one flew over the cuckoo’s nest in my closet drinking 2 liters of mtn dew
a friend of mine told me if i wanted to ‘understand’ gertrude stein i had to get drunk by myself & read tender buttons out loud while standing in front of a mirror
i got into disposable cameras in hs before the proliferation of picture taking technology because i got blackmailed by a friend who took photos of me being extremely intoxicated
at some point during 2k11 i took it upon myself to become significantly less depressed & i haven’t watched magnolia since
most days i think about technology & how rapidly it is progressing
the town brush is in morgan county colorado, & when driving through my dad would always say that brush is home of the beetdiggers & it always made me feel so happy, talking about the beetdiggers
when i’m hanging around rural nebraska i like to imagine what it looked like 200 years ago & just stare off & see nothing but grass forever, like an ocean of grass, it’s one of my favorite things to think about, i wish i could see & experience it, i feel like i would cry if i could
“it’s really too bad we can’t escape time, or being human, or what other humans have done,”



my fall back from crazy land is the pure void

i am the least of all things kissing the cool wall of morning
kyle once told me he would never kill himself as long as i am alive
i talked to my dad in the dark last night
rachael and amanda for some reason feel the need to tell me i’m not a buddhist
being a human is a pretty psychedelic experience➔i sat in a box for awhile
manipulated materials from the earth with my right foot & music was playing & gradually i was surrounded by more dark until i was in iowa city iowa for the first time to see kelsey & i love how she smelled
pretending in the morning that i was precariously walking across a tightrope
she said falling in love w/ me was “one of the loveliest things that’s ever happened”



i believed you

texted alex & madeline “idk i love every1” & they texted back
“paul you are doing a great job”

i have a planet growing in my chest & everything
that exists within is always always moving

i am not a fool not a genius just a guy living in a box
the time has come for me to tell the truth

i think you’re nice
i want to know you better

the band cherub isn’t from lincoln they are from

said on twitter that’s it’s funny to call ppl from nashville “nashvillains”
i always avoid talking REAL SHIT for such a long time

i want you to feel high as fuck i want us to fuck high as fuck
i do a bad job talking to the people i touch

i’m good enough to want but not good enough to have
i like the chirp chirp sounds the animals make i feel reminded

of everything i have forgotten
the earth is made of clay smashed together by a loving god

& jesus came
to feel fucked up & die



Paul Hanson Clark is a poet living in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is involved with SP CE [].
His twitter is, his tumblr is,
and his inactive blogspot is




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  2. Wallace Barker March 27, 2014 at 9:35 am

    These are fantastic. If this is your new work, I feel it has evolved significantly from the last time I read you heavily. It feels more thoughtful/direct now and less impulsive/impressionistic, which I like. Feel like this is a bit more contemplative than your early work.

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  4. kcroyal September 19, 2014 at 10:04 pm


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