Three Poems by Robert King

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Three Poems by Robert King


An Apple

This apple—Red, Delicious, Small,
important enough to have its own name
and number, 4015—is flecked

with small white stars which seem
to surge up over a red hill
and pour into the hollow of the stem,

something collapsing inside
that sucks the streaming lights in deep
like a Black Hole in a Small Red,

or else they pour out from the stem,
cascading brilliantly over the sides
of universe #4015, to be exact, to be

drawn in again at the bottom
through the five dusty flaps around
the dark opening once called blossom.



Two Kinds

There are two kinds of people, the jay,
who gobbles up seeds from the feeder
with a scoop and a tilt of the head
to spot the next to pack himself full
before he flies to his hidden store,
and the small nuthatch that plucks one seed
and darts to the nearby pine where he
pecks at it in the bark where it belongs.

In the former category are
the crows I’ve seen, many businessmen,
and, of course, the hoovering chipmunks.
And in the latter category,
surely the poets and the one squirrel
in my backyard who picks one peanut,
then dashes to a point of vantage
to savor its bits and look around.
Beautiful! What luck! the poet thinks.



American Lakes Trail

Last evening’s rain has left
its glisten on the sand.

Nearby, a hidden trickling
makes us search the moss.

A few yards on, it pours
its gift over the trail,

finding its own way down
the mountain we climb up.



Robert King was born in Denver and earned an MA from Colorado State University and a PhD from the University of Iowa. He retired from the University of North Dakota as Professor Emeritus in 1995. His poems, short fiction, and essays have appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including PoetryThe Missouri Review, South Dakota Review, and Weber Studies.

King’s was a finalist for the 2006 Colorado Book Award. He has published five chapbooks and two full-length volumes of poetry, Old Man Laughing (Ghost Road Press, 2007) and Some of These Days (Conundrum Press, 2013). He is the 2000 winner of the National Writer’s Union Prize for Poetry. He lives in Colorado, where he directs the Colorado Poets Center.



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