2014 Contributors

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2014 Contributors (Alphabetical by last name):


Gale Acuff: Three Poems

Jeff Alessandrelli: Four Poems

John Armstrong: Arduity: Readerly Bafflement and What To Do About ItArduity: Obscure and Elitist Poetry, A DefenceArduity: Difficult Poetry, Why Bother?; Arduity: Paying Attention To Paul Celan; Arduity: Allegorical Difficulties

Jessica Baer: Two Poems

Eric Baus: Three Poems

Noel Black: Two Poems

Justin Boening: Two Poems

Ace Boggess: Three Poems

Kierstin Bridger: Two Poems

Neeli Cherkovski: Three Poems

Paul Hanson Clark: Three Poems

Frank H. Coons: Three Poems

Kyle John Crawford: Thunder Poems

Gregory Crosby: Two Poems

Lily Dodge: Three Poems

Robert Gibbons: Two Poems

Howie Good: Two Poems

A. Minetta Gould: Cinder (i-iii)

Jennifer Hancock: Three Poems

Mick Harris: Four Poems

Ernest Hilbert: Four Poems

Colin James: Two Poems

Laurie James: Two Poems

Mark Kerstetter: Four Poems

Robert King: Three PoemsArt Goodtimes InterviewDavid Mason, Interview; Jack Collom Interview; Jake Adam York Interview

Leonard Kress: Four Sestinas

Jane Rosenberg LaForge: Three Poems

Scott Larson: Four Poems

rob mclennan: Two Poems

Jessica Millnitz: Four Poems

Jessica Mogis: Two Poems

Jack Mueller: Three Poems; Mineral Laughter

Alexandra Naughton: 3 poems about why I hate you

John Nizalowski: Four Poems

JC Olsthoorn: One Poem; Marginalia: Let’s be just a little bit sentimental

Stepha Peters: Five Poems from Constance

Kenneth Pobo: Two Poems

Frederico Prado: Two Poems; An Interview with Frederico Prado

Danny Rosen: Four Poems

David J. Rothman: Three Poems

Sean Shearer: Three Poems

Kristie Shoemaker: watching you not watching me

Amanda Silbernagel: Two Poems

Ed Skoog: Two Poems

Wyatt Sparks: Three Poems

Mathias Svalina: Six Poems

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer: Three Poems

William Trowbridge: Two Poems

Wendy Videlock: Four Poems

Joy Von III: Four Poems

Joe Wenderoth: Four Poems

Alyssa Yankwitt: One Poem

John Yau: Firefly Promises












being human is hard


Jack Muller reads from the Portolano Poems







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