A Poem by M.K. Brake

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MK Brake




M.K. Brake is a spell-maker and poetic anarchist. She glorifies the sovereignty of white space and the architecture of the word on the page, and will never forsake projective verse, although she knows it’s a bitch to enter into WordPress. The more she learns and grows, the less readable her poetry becomes, and she’s pretty sure that’s revolution, so she watches her chances as publication dwindle with a wild fire in her eyes, hoping her devotion to “the craft” will keep her warm at night. Her most recent and impressive “Almosts” include Second Place in the Jenny Catlin Chapbook Competition and semi-finalist for Coconut Books’ 2014 Prize for First Books. Her work can be found in or is forthcoming from Arsenic Lobster and TAB: The Journal of Poetics & Poetics. She currently enjoy her time as poetry editor for New Delta Review.




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