Two Poems by Cait Cole

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Two Poems by Cait Cole
She ain’t no / belle
he said.
Oil dark hair and olive skin.
Get a grip / son
he said.
I see she got sins in ’er teeth.
I may be a woman
but I’m no fool.
Get my gun / hit and hide.
For what I done
I’ll cry / a pool
o alligator tears.


Beneath my skin are layers
that look
like the cavity           of an artichoke
with the feel of         guts     like a fish
Lymph          green              and slime
like     legs
on top of mine         I am      a disgusting
machine       operating on       your sweat
in the wet     of the night                 This I
realize is why we’re alive.




Cait Cole is a fiction writer, essayist, and poet living in Seattle, Washington. She is pursuing a degree in Creative Writing and currently working on a manuscript of new poems. When she isn’t writing, she is typically chasing her two cats or making lattes at her job as a barista.




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