Two Poems by Cassandra de Alba

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Two Poems by Cassandra de Alba



in mexico there is a high school named after my grandfather
& what have i done with my life. flowers on the counter

shriveling in summer heat. i dream about a back seat
and a boy, pulling a dead glittered fish out of a pool,

releasing it back to the bottom. my hair grows long and uneven,
falls onto my neck over and over. gin settles in my glass.

outside my apartment, the world shimmers, then goes dark.




the language of only children

rattle of a coffee can
full with horses’ teeth.
an old rope’s fray
and spin. plane
overhead humming
to the clear sky.
grass fingernail-split
down the middle.
a box of mildewed books,
a bleak freedom,
a museum of dust.
someday, all this
will be yours.




Cassandra de Alba’s work has appeared in The Nervous Breakdown, Skydeer Helpking, Illuminati Girl Gang, Drunken Boat, and Vector Press, among other publications. She studies the history of sideshows, writes poems about deer, and handmakes chapbooks titled after the pop culture of her heart, most recently Lake of Rage and Cool Trash Magazine. You can find her in Massachusetts in an apartment called the Feral Bitch Palace.


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