Two Poems by Eric Tyler Benick

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Two Poems by Eric Tyler Benick


Fox Hunt

Concave and convex
happen simultaneously
or so I was told
by a soup bowl
May of 1956
Newark, New Jersey
lapping both
sides to get full
I caught my own reflection in a hubcap
and let my snout decide itself
the grocery store
clerk chased me away
             with a broom
for standing too close
to his Studebaker
             as children took shots
at my tail
with coke bottles
             glass iridescent in hot yellow air
and I thought
the city is shit
             and no place for foxes



Fox Hunt

People die for
down to
a fucking milkshake
Let me at least go
for better carrots
in the super market
quicker dry cleaning or just one rose
Let there be soft rain
and drunk senators
wandering into
rabbit traps
Let there be blood oranges
on a rod iron table
let there be a woman
at a bay window
I am sustainable
there should be more to it
than bone dust
than buzzards
more than forgotten
and gold paws
I am told Mayakovsky died
for something
I’ll have whatever
he’s having
I won’t take another winter
sprayed out on
I want my union
If the pheasant becomes
a feast
let me at least
become the bread




Eric Tyler Benick is currently in transit from Portland, OR. to Nashville, TN. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Keep This Bag Away From Children, Alchemy, Souvenir, From Bellingham With Love, and Gap Tooth. His first chapbook, Fox Hunts, was released June of this year by Kitty Cat Stevens Press, a hand-bound bookbindery out of Nashville, at an initial 50 copies. His favorite book of poetry at this very moment is King Me by Roger Reeves. He can be reached at for any and all questions pertaining or not-pertaining to: purchasing a chapbook, poems, gamma rays, Seinfeld, student loans, The Godfather (pts. I and II), etcetera ad nauseam.




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