What I did with my month off by Alison Thumel

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Alison Thumel


What I did with my month off

I didn’t go to the exhibit at the modern art museum
With the German sculptor everyone couldn’t stop
Talking about she split stones like shelled peas
I stirred into my soups at night when I couldn’t sleep
Again I dreamed my mother told me she had found
All the forks I kept from bars in my time abroad
Stretched them out across the living room
For an intervention with flags painted the shades
I hated the most I stripped the curtains
And polished the floors and began to grow basil
On my kitchen counter the roots ran out down
The cabinets overnight and I vowed I would learn to pare
It down I cut out caffeine and took up kombucha
I cut out kombucha and took up smoking
Someone told me once that you can smoke basil
Roll it up in papers light it up inhale or maybe
It was oregano I’ve always dated smokers
I like the way their lips aren’t quite silk
And how they can never see me in the daylight
I read the newspaper and fell asleep alone
On the couch most nights I didn’t cry I cooked
A tagines I learned to like Brussels sprouts
Fried it’s a moot point my friend shaved her hair
On my kitchen floor and tiny curls clung to my toes
For weeks afterward I still didn’t learn to dance




Alison Thumel lives and writes in Chicago. She knows more about your healthcare and less about bike repair than she’d like to believe. She tweets very rarely at @alisynthetic.



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