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About Fruita Pulp

Founded in August 2012, Fruita Pulp is a stylistically eclectic poetry journal publishing poems, essays about poetics and creative process, interviews with poets and publishers, marginalia/ephemera, free digital chapbooks and reviews. We publish an issue every other month.




Editor: Kyle Harvey

Kyle Harvey was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award (Hyacinth, Lithic Press 2013), as well as winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in American Life in Poetry, Colorado Journeys, Electric Cereal, Fat City Review, Heavy Feather Review, HOUSEGUEST, Mama Liberada, Metatron, Ossuary Whispers, Pilgrimage, Reality Hands, SHAMPOO and SP CE. Lithic Press recently published his serial poem July. You can follow him on Twitter here.




Assistant Editor: Sonya Vatomsky

Sonya Vatomsky is a Moscow-born, Seattle-raised ghost and the author of poetry collection Salt is for Curing (Sator Press) and chapbook My Heart in Aspic (Porkbelly Press). They are an asst. editor at Fruita Pulp, where they also review poetry. Find them by saying their name five times in front of a bathroom mirror or at @coolniceghost and sonyavatomsky.tumblr.com.




Assistant Editor: Sara Sutterlin

Sara Sutterlin lives and writes in Montreal, QC. Her first collection of poetry, I Wanted To Be The Knife was published by Metatron Press in 2015. She has self-published multiple zines and one art book/zine collaboration, The Nude Sincerity via NONPOROUS in 2014. Her work can be found in The Chapess zine, Girls Get Busy, Field Notes and various other places in print and on the web.

Fruita Pulp Readers: Katya Ungerman, Ana Prundaru, and Larry Narron