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Fruita Pulp: Issue #6 November December

November 2, 2014
Fruita Pulp Issue 6

  Fruita Pulp: Issue #6 November/December Poems: Mineral Laughter by Jack Mueller Firefly Promises by John Yau Four Poems by Joe Wenderoth Five Poems by Stepha Peters Two Poems by Jessica Baer Three Poems by Sean Shearer Three Poems by Alexandra Naughton Four Poems by Neeli Cherkovski Watching You Not Watching Me by Kristie Shoemaker […]

Two Poems by Jessica Baer

November 2, 2014

  Two Poems by Jessica Baer The Church of Cattle Entrails   Even before the abductions started, cattle burrowed their pain & we borrowed their cowbells because there was a church, there was no church, there was only the mineral of the eyes the fossil in the branch tearing out G R A S S […]