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Fruita Pulp: Issue #10 (July/August)

July 6, 2015

    Fruita Pulp: Issue #10 (July/August)     Poems: Joanna C. Valente Samantha Duncan Philip Schaefer Cait Cole Candace Holmes Richard Kerwin Lucy Tiven M. Brett Gaffney Tyler Gobble Carleen Tibbetts     Profile: Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform Press by Andrew Miller     Reviews: Slant of Arils by Donia Mounsef The Bone and […]

Fruita Pulp: Issue #8 March/April

March 1, 2015
Fruita Pulp Issue 8 Cover

Fruita Pulp: Issue #8 March/April Four Poems by Alexis Pope & Joshua Young Five Poems by Peter Sherburn-Zimmer Two Poems by Rob MacDonald A Poem by M.K. Brake Two Poems by Aleph Altman-Mills Two Poems by Christopher Morgan a poem by beyza ozer Two Poems by Juan J. Morales A poem by Jaime Zuckerman Two […]

Two Poems by Alexandra Wuest

January 1, 2015

    Two Poems by Alexandra Wuest     sandpaper boy   underwater, i am an alien. there is no polite way to say ‘i want to break you.’ if there was, i would be fluent in its gatorade stained tongue. there are infinite ways of looking at someone without memorizing their eye color but […]

Fruita Pulp: Issue #6 November December

November 2, 2014
Fruita Pulp Issue 6

  Fruita Pulp: Issue #6 November/December Poems: Mineral Laughter by Jack Mueller Firefly Promises by John Yau Four Poems by Joe Wenderoth Five Poems by Stepha Peters Two Poems by Jessica Baer Three Poems by Sean Shearer Three Poems by Alexandra Naughton Four Poems by Neeli Cherkovski Watching You Not Watching Me by Kristie Shoemaker […]

Mineral Laughter by Jack Mueller

November 2, 2014

  Mineral Laughter: meditations on a deliberate visit by Jack Mueller       Jack Mueller, a well known poet among poets, was long active writing and organizing in San Francisco. After a lifetime of conversation and argument with words (and following his retirement as CEO of the International Museum of Arts and Sciences in […]

Four Poems by Joe Wenderoth

November 2, 2014

Joe Wenderoth with his adviser.   Four Poems by Joe Wenderoth   Question For The President what is it that is and is not vulnerable to grammar       In silence. In stillness. I want (to be able) to be able to see (to see) the sea within the sea to the point of […]

3 poems about why I hate you by Alexandra Naughton

November 2, 2014

  3 poems about why I hate you Alexandra Naughton     Alexandra Naughton is the editor of be about it press, the cofounder of empathlit, and the author of many poems and short stories. Find her at      

Two Poems by Jessica Baer

November 2, 2014

  Two Poems by Jessica Baer The Church of Cattle Entrails   Even before the abductions started, cattle burrowed their pain & we borrowed their cowbells because there was a church, there was no church, there was only the mineral of the eyes the fossil in the branch tearing out G R A S S […]

Fruita Pulp: Issue #5 September/October

September 2, 2014
Fruita Pulp Issue 5

  Fruita Pulp: Issue #5 September/October Poems: Ed Skoog, Two Poems Eric Baus, Three Poems Wyatt Sparks, Three Poems Alyssa Yankwitt, One Poem Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Three Poems Ace Boggess, Three Poems Gale Acuff, Three Poems Frederico Prado, Two Poems Colin James, Two Poems JC Olsthoorn, One Poem Interview: Murmuration: An Interview With Jake Adam […]

Three Poems by Wyatt Sparks

September 2, 2014

  Three Poems by Wyatt Sparks   Wyatt Sparks lives in Chicago where he teaches people how to tweet. His work has most recently been featured in fault, Where Eagles Dare, and 90s Meg Ryan.